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18 Oct

Hi all!

As part of our professional learning community I’ve started this blog (abbreviation for a Website Log). My hope is for it to become not only a means of keeping track of what we’ve been doing, but as a mini-professional resource for all World Language teachers in our district. In order for it to be private, it will become a little more complicated. For now, I won’t post anything I wouldn’t normally share with you all.

Here’s my first idea that I’ve been using a lot recently. Its called Glogster, or graphic web logs.

Its basically online posters. And kids can add images, videos, headlines, documents, really ANYTHING. Its all changeable and personalized. It keeps assignments coming, but keeps your walls free of MILLIONS of posters.

You can create a free educator account and have up to 30 students use it for free also.

See what you think. Leave a comment if you try this, plan on trying this, or want some help using it.

 – Christina