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iPevo – The Cheaper ELMO

18 Dec

For only $69, the iPevo company has produced a product that is essentially a smaller ELMO device. You would have to connect the iPevo camera to your computer to get the image, and then your computer gets connected to a projector. The end!

I would love love love to have one of these in my classroom. And for $69, I’ll probably get one myself.


Class Dojo

9 Dec

A few other teachers have been urging me to try a new classroom management website called Class Dojo. I decided I might  try it for the month of December.

The way Class Dojo works is that you enter each students name into a class roster. When you pull up your class, you can click on a students name, then give them a + or a -, depending on their behavior. You can even name the +s and -s into things like, “Disruptive” “Good insight”, “Unprepared”, or “Participator”. These points get tallied and kept so that at the end of the week you can see their participation or classroom behavior score.

It seems interesting, ask me how I feel in January I suppose.