Sticker technology: Making reading fun

12 Jan

Maybe you have seen the Hallmark commcercials where someone records themselves reading a story to their children, and then the book somehow records their voice so that the child can read to him/herself without that person being there? No? Its very touching.

One of my favorite products just brought things to another level. This video demonstrates how Smartpen stickers work.

Imagine the implications this can have for our classrooms!? Students can record themselves, someone else, or YOU speaking a story/vocab/instructions to them and use them forever! Each sound sticker has a unique pattern so the pen recognizes what audio file to produce. This is an amazing product for students with trouble reading or students that are better audio learners…


I’m just baffled by this amazing technology. Here is an article from Livescribe that truly fleshes out some ideas for the product.





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