18 Jan

I know this is the final realm of nerdiness, but podcasts are truly nothing to be scared of. Think of them as radio shows of yesteryear…only on your iPod. Podcast is short for iPod Broadcast, meaning a recorded audio broadcast.

Last year, I began to listen to podcasts for television shows that I enjoyed and then decided to search for podcasts to use in the classroom. I found this, LearnItalianPod.com

Learn Italian Pod has a number of great segments that are free audio files that you can either play via your in-class laptop, or students can download freely straight to their mp3 device. Listen Up & Learn is a segment where listeners hear a short story and are asked questions afterward. The answers are then found on their website. There is also 5 Minutes a Day lessons series, again free to download. This is a “divine comedy” about Dante Alighieri.

Both French & Spanish have a podcast that I hold near and dear to my heart, as I tried using it last summer while I walked my dog. Coffee Break French and Coffee Break Spanish are a series of 15-20 minute language lessons in each respective language. The series is completely free and reviews each lesson weekly. The nice thing about these podcasts is that they are short and start off with the very basics.


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