Silence is golden…

14 Feb

I’ll be the first to admit that cartoons are my favorite form of media. They are easier to direct, and in a cartoon anything (ANYTHING) is possible. Reality is not constrained to a certain landscape or CGI possibility.

In the past few days, I’ve been researching the nominees for Best Short Animated Film for the upcoming Oscars and decided something that I didn’t realize before: silent cartoons are great teaching tools.

For us who enjoy storytelling, silent cartoons or silent films are great jumping off points for conversations, ways to create/invent dialogue, or ways to practice telling a story. We can be so much more expressive when no words are said because we can invent them ourselves.

Here’s the best nominee, and my hope for the win, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, or Los libros fantásticos que vuelan de Mr. Morris Lessmore, or Les livres fantastiques volants de Mr. Morris Lessmore, or sometimes I libri fantastici vlanti di Sr. Morris Lessmore.

This story is about a man who loses everything, his words, his ability to read, and therefore becomes gray. His books show him that we keep the books alive by reading them and we in turn become alive with the knowledge we gain from their stories. Bring tissues.




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