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18 Mar

While I understand that we are not truly focusing on grammar notations & conjugations, it is something that some students are interested in. For those in the know, I’m sure you have seen some students using BarChart’s QuickStudy panphlets.

These laminated sheets are hole punched and able to easily fit in the average 8.5 x 11″ notebook. I recommend these to my students who are looking for a quick place to keep grammar rules. The laminated pages fold out into a whole sheet, and include such knowledge as simple conjugations, direct and indirect objects pronouns, propositional declentions, etc.

For only $6 on Amazon, these are a good investment for students looking to continue with the lanuage and are a great guide for AP students.


The Magic of Disney

3 Mar

Most children have seen at least one Disney film, if not, EVERY Disney film as children. For some, they are beloved classics and the kids know every word.

If it is something so familiar to them, why not present it to them now in a NEW WAY?

YouTube has almost every Disney film in foreign languages uploaded. Even if you cannot find the film, it is quite easy to find the familiar songs from films.

Here’s I Just Can’t Wait to Be King, from The Lion King in French:

Or,  Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid in Spanish:

And finally, Prince Ali from Aladdin in Italian:


Watch the whole films or just the songs. Trust me, your students will enjoy them and the memories they bring.