Writing/REadnig in a 2nd language

19 Jun

1. TimeTravel: Play around with the timeframe of the story. “Now its seventy years ago and the old woman in the story is a little girl.” You can even physically put them in the room like a clock, moving around time.

2. Students act out a tableau of something that happened in the story. Other students explain what is happening/which part this is and the evidence thereof.

3. CLOZE activity

a. Read to the end of the sentenceĀ to see if it helps understand the word.

b. Look at the text before and after the word, the word may be easier to understand later, with other clues to the meaning.

c. Use pictures to help guess.

d. Think about the function of the word: Is it a noun, verb, adjective?

e. Look for the same word somewhere else in the story!

f. Look for familiar word parts, like patterns, prefixes or suffixes

g. Look for cognates in English, or another language you might be familiar with


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