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Phonic Families

28 May

Use a Big Book to focus on particular sounds/words are represented (D words, S words, P words) We use Quizlet, but can be also done with small photo albums



13 May

I like the idea of this, but I know that my school will still want data. So, here are some PBL ideas for next year IN ADDITION TO the tests and quizzes I’ll be quantifying…

Italian 1 – Be a gladiator, learn the rules, compete/ Design something to rival Da Vinci OR pretend to be Da vinci presenting his device/ Recreate a Botticelli piece/ create a Canal Grande and students build a monument (mini-venice)

Italian 2 – Pompei evacuation plan/ Siena Contrada wars/ Napoli genealogy project?

Italian 3 – Milan fashion show showcasing outfits that exemplify a monument/ Bread and Roses/ Assisi and the life of San Francesco spirituality project (journaling? Random acts of kindness)/

Italian 4 – Dante meme project/ Memorize a terzina or canto(recite it in Italian then English and why you picked it)/ La tigre e la neve with Dante/ Medici Parte 2 (American equivalent and why)/ Playlist opera project (create a playlist that has a continuous story and storyboard it to the tunes which have to match up with typical opera tropes and music)

INtel Reader

8 May

This is kind of old technology now, but it might be easier to sell this to a school board rather than say you bought Kindles for everyone.